This purpose built 6” frame designed for both freestyle and long range flying by Eric “Konasty”. Made to be built easily and fly smooth with getting the cleanest video possible to your HD cam. A squished X design gives it a bit wider stance then your typical X frame design and helps reduce bounce back during flips that’s common with most 6” frames. 4mm arms can be replaced easily with the removal of 3 bolts from the bottom plate and offers protection for motors up to 2407 in size. The 2mm top plate is lowered and brought closer to the prop line but still with room for components courtesy of 23mm standoffs. There is a 2mm HD cam soft mount option on top plate to help reduce jello caused by most 6” prop vibrations. The 2mm bottom plate has a cutout for the fpv cam to drop through the frame with a protective skid plate to accompany the lowered top plate. With minimal frame cutouts for just the needed components this frame will have you up and flying in no time.


1x 2mm Top Plate

1x 2mm Bottom Plate

1x Squish Plate with 8 M3 Press nuts

4x 4mm 6″ Arms

1x 2mm HD Camera Plate

4x Cam Plate Damping Balls

2x  FPV Camera Mounts

1x Camera Skid Plate

1x Battery Pad

4x M3x6mm Button head screws

12x M3x6mm Socket head screws

8x M3x10mm Button head screws

8x 23mm standoffs


Total Weight – 145grams