ETHIX FSP 1607 2450KV

The FSP “full stuffed pigeon” motors were designed with carrying heavier payloads in mind on your Cinerat with the new 4” and 5” arm options and other smaller frames that run 4” to 5” light weight props. Also it’s a good option for the sub 250g class as well. 6s capable and are available in both t-mount and 4mm shaft options.


  • Stator Size (Diameter): φ16mmx7φ16mmx7
  • Kv: 2450
  • Magnets N52SH: Curved
  • Windings: 15 turn DLRK
  • Shaft Length (mm): 12.5mm12.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 4mm
  • Shaft material: steel
  • Bearing: 4*2*2.5
  • Weight (With Wires) (g): 25g
  • Cells (Lipo): 6S
  • Max Current (A): 15A
  • Max Burst Current (A): 25A
  • Internal Resistance (Rm): 0.27mΩ
  • Wire Spec (AWG): AWG 24#
  • Base Mounting Pattern: 12x12mm
  • Base Mounting Thread: M2 Thread
  • Motor Overall Dimensions: φ23mmx17.5mm